Can I download the Rider Info Guide?

You can download a PDF of the Rider Info Guide right here. This will allow you to print and bring to the event should you wish to.

Should you wish to view online, you can do so by clicking here.

What time do I start?

Please click here to find your start time.

TOP TIP: Use CTRL+F and type your surname in to the box to help find your entry. If there’s two entries with the same name, please check the Date Of Birth.

Can I change my start time?

No riders will be allowed to start in an earlier wave than they have been allocated to. If your friends are riding in a wave before you, they can move to your wave but you cannot move up to join them. Marshals will be policing this and you will be made to go into your original waves if this isn’t followed.

How did you allocate start times?

In order to give the maximum number of riders the opportunity to complete the race within the allocated road closure times agreed with local authorities across the route, we have to ensure a certain number of ‘mixed ability’ waves based on the ‘Rider Level’ submitted during registration. It would be unfair to start all of our slower riders in the later waves, putting them under additional pressure to finish the ride in the allocated time-frame. Conversely, if we put all the slower riders at the start and faster riders at the back, the route would become too congested and dangerous. This is the practice adopted by similar events and we have spent a huge amount of time trying to make this as safe, fair, and inclusive as possible. Regardless of your start time we are confident every single rider is going to have a truly unforgettable experience at the first ever Vélo Birmingham and we can’t wait to welcome you to the event.

When is Vélo Birmingham?

Vélo Birmingham takes place on Sunday 24 September 2017, with event registration taking place at the Arena Birmingham (NIA) on Saturday 23 September between 8am and 8pm. If you are unable to attend registration, please note you can send a representative. Please supply them with a signed letter of authorisation, a copy of your confirmation email and a photocopy of your photo ID.

What is the minimum age for entry?

All participants must be 16 years old or older at the time of the event. If you are aged between 16 and 18 you must fill out a parental consent form and bring it with you to registration.

When will I receive my rider pack?

If you’re a Fast Track rider, your rider pack will arrive in the post in the first half of September.

If you are a General Entry or Charity rider, then please be advised you must attend registration on Saturday 23 September where you will collect your pack. Registration will be open from 8am to 8pm at the Arena Birmingham (NIA). If you are unable to collect your pack, please note that a friend or relative can collect for you. Please supply this person with your confirmation email, a signed letter nominating them as the person allowed to collect your pack and a photocopy of your photo ID.

What should I expect in my rider pack?

Bike number: Attach this to the front of your bike. Make sure you fill in your emergency contact details & any medical information we should be aware of.

Cable Ties: Use these to attach your bike number to your handlebars. Instructions are on the back of the bike number.

Helmet Sticker: Attach this to the front of your helmet so it is visible to our photographers. If you stick it anywhere else, you will risk not receiving any of your free event photos.

Wristband: To be worn on your wrist (to avoid stating the obvious!). This needs to be worn for the duration of the event and afterwards within the Arena Birmingham (NIA). It will give you access to your start pen, the finish area and means our security can match you to your bike.

Bag Label: Please attach this to any baggage that you leave at the Bag Drop area within the Arena Birmingham (NIA). You can drop off this baggage pre 8pm tonight or from 6am tomorrow morning. You will need to show your wristband with the corresponding number in order to collect your bag after the ride.

Top tube sticker: To go on the top tube of your frame and is great for letting you know how to pace your ride and where the four Rider Pit Stops are located.

If any of this is missing please come to Help Desk in the Arena Birmingham (NIA) at 06:00 on Sunday and we will issue spares.

What do I need to do as an International rider (Fast Track and/or General Entry?

Please be aware that International packs will not be posted regardless of whether you are a Fast Track Entry or not. Please be expected to collect your race pack from the Arena Birmingham (NIA) between 8am and 8pm on Saturday September 23. Remember to bring photo ID with you and your confirmation email!

Who is organising the event?

Vélo Birmingham is organised by CSM Active, part of CSM, in conjunction with Birmingham City Council.



How do I enter?

General and Fast Track Entries are sold out but you can still secure a place by riding for one of our amazing charities or by entering a team in the Business 100.

I've entered. Can I change my entry details?

As the rider pack distribution process has begun, it is now too late to edit your personal details or add/edit a team name. We apologise for any disappointment this may cause. Please note that your wave start time can be found here.

How can I ride with friends?

We did our best to make sure people were allocated the same start time as their friends but this was not possible for all riders.

Can I ride for charity?

Absolutely! Our Lead Charities would love it if you decided to ride for them.



I’ve entered but can no longer take part. What are my options?

As we are now within a month of the event, we are unable to process any withdrawal requests. Please see our Terms Of Entry for more information. We apologise for any disappointment this may cause.

Charity Riders:

If you have secured a Charity Place you must contact them directly to inform them that you need to withdraw. Please do not withdraw before contacting your charity.

How do I change my Team Name or join a Team?

As the rider pack distribution process has begun, it is now too late to edit your personal details or add/edit a team name. We apologise for any disappointment this may cause. Please note that your wave start time can be found here.



What type of bikes are NOT allowed at Vélo Birmingham?

The following are NOT allowed to be used by riders: bikes with disc wheels*, recumbent bicycles, electronic bikes of any kind, unicycles, penny farthings, tricycles, quad cycles, BMX bikes, fixed gear bikes / singlespeeds / fixies (allowed with two independent brakes and a freehub); any unconventional handlebars, including triathlon bars, aero bars, clip-ons, prayer bars, Spinaci bars and cow bars.

*bikes with disc brakes are allowed



When can I find out more details about road closures?

Due to the scale and numbers participating in Vélo Birmingham, it will be necessary to implement road closures across the full route to facilitate the safe passage of the participants.

The route has been carefully considered and selected through a partnership of all local authorities, emergency services and transport operators to minimise the inconvenience of the necessary road closures. Emergency Services will be operating as usual and the public should use normal protocol in the case of an emergency.

To view specific Road Closure FAQs, please click here.

We will do all we can to provide you with more information on how you can best navigate your way around the road closures.  If you have any queries regarding the route and subsequent road closures please email route@velobirmingham.com.

Will public transport still be operating?

Some bus services will be diverted or suspended due to the road closures and may not operate their full route. Network West Midlands has created a comprehensive guide with information from all bus operators. This handy travel advice will help keep you moving on the day. Visit Network West Midlands for further details.



When will I know my start time?

Start times can be viewed here.

Do I need to stay in Birmingham the night before the sportive?

Unless you have a Fast Track Entry, you will need to come to Birmingham on Saturday September 23 2017 to collect your rider pack and register for the event. The sportive will start early on Sunday September 24 2017 so if you are not a local resident you will most likely need to stay in the City overnight on the Saturday. Full details and timings will be released shortly but we suggest all entrants from out of town visit our accommodation page.

What if I can't collect my rider pack from the Arena Birmingham (NIA) on Saturday before the ride?

Someone can collect your rider pack on your behalf. However, you will need to supply this person with your confirmation email, a signed letter nominating them as the person allowed to collect your pack and a photocopy of your photo ID.

What shall I bring to Registration on Saturday 23 September?

On Saturday 23, you will be required to bring a form of photo ID and your confirmation email in order to collect your rider pack.

A Bag Drop will be available for you to leave a bag for the Sunday if you want to change your clothes after the ride!

Can I travel to and from the event via London Midland trains?

London Midland loves cycling and are proud to be supporting Vélo Birmingham with a number of their employees taking part in the event. Most of their stations have cycle parking facilities and are a great base for a day out. London Midland are also looking forward to welcoming your supporters on their trains on the big day!

As the trains, station concourses and ticket halls in and around Birmingham were not designed with lots of bicycles in mind, capacity for bikes on board their services is limited. This is to ensure your safety in the unlikely event a train or station has to be evacuated, as well as for the comfort of all customers.

London Midland welcome two bikes on board each service, free of charge and without reservation. Many of their newer trains have dedicated spaces within them just for cycles. The Senior Conductor can allow more bikes on at his or her discretion.

They will be as flexible as possible on the day of Vélo Birmingham but cannot compromise your safety on the railway.

If you’re travelling in to Birmingham on the Sunday morning, we advise you to either park your car close to the start or stay in central Birmingham the night before. If you choose to take the train on that morning, please remember that there’s no guarantee there will be space for you and your bike on board at the time you wish to travel. Depending on how many people want to travel on trains after the ride, there’s no guarantee you will be able to board the first train.

If you’re planning to travel to Birmingham on a London Midland train, with your bike, full guidance on their cycle policy can be found by clicking here.

Where can I park on Sunday 24 September?

General Entry Riders:
We have secured the use of four car parks for our General Entry riders to purchase spots in. There is a limited number available at each location so please book quickly to guarantee a spot and avoid disappointment. You will receive a confirmation email after securing your spot that will need to be printed and shown to Staff to access the car park. For Broadway Plaza, your confirmation email will include a unique code that will allow you to exit (make sure to read the instructions) without incurring a cost.

All the car parks are within 2.5 miles of the start line. Please make sure to plan your route from your location to the start pens off Broad Street, from here it will be clearly signed where you need to go.

All car parks are accessible but you may need to use an alternative route due to road closures so please plan ahead. We recommend you use google maps and other travel apps that will divert you around the road closures.

Fast Track Riders:
Your free parking space on Sunday 24 September will be located in the Arena Birmingham (NIA) multi-story car park. Your parking pass, which will include instructions of how to redeem your free spot, will be in your rider pack which you will receive in the post 2-3 weeks before the event.

Please note all cars must be in the car park before 06:00 on Sunday due to road closures being in place. Due to height restrictions, roof racks will not fit into the car park.

Is there a convenient Drop Off point on Sunday morning?

If you’re getting dropped off near the start line before the ride starts on Sunday morning, we recommend you come in from the A457 and head to Summer Hill Street.

Will there be a Bag Drop?

Yes. You can either check in a bag at our Bag Drop in the Arena Birmingham (NIA) on Saturday when collecting your rider pack or on Sunday morning from 06:00 onwards. This will allow  you to leave a fresh set of clothes to change into straight after you finish the ride on Sunday.



Can I purchase official Vélo Birmingham merchandise?

To purchase some Vélo Birmingham merchandise please click here.

How long do I have to complete the ride?

The last rider to cross the start line will have to average 19kph to complete the course which will give them 8.5 hours to reach the finish line.

A Pace Car will set off some time after the last wave has departed and will travel at 19kmph. If you are caught by the Pace Car and the driver feels that you won’t be able to maintain the average speed for the remainder of the ride, then you will be asked to get into the Pace Car which will take you back to the Start / Finish venue.

Please note, we will have a number of Domestiques doing all they can to help riders stay in front of the Pace Car.

To help you pace your ride, you will need to have left each Rider Pit Stop by the following times in order to stay in front of the Pace Car:

Pit Stop 1 – 10:40

Pit Stop 2 – 13:44

Pit Stop 3 – 15:10

Pit Stop 4 – 16:10

Our Sweep Vehicles will be on hand to collect any riders who are struggling to finish the ride. They will travel at 19km/h (11.8 miles per hour) and will leave 10 minutes after the final wave. This gives every rider 8.5 hours to complete the ride.

I have a question that isn’t answered in the FAQs, how can I contact you?

Please drop us an email at: hello@velobirmingham.com