Velo Birmingham

Road Closure FAQs

Why will the roads be closed?

Due to the 15,000 participants taking part and the mix of cycling abilities, full road closures are required to deliver a safe event. Road closures will be implemented as late as it is safe to do so and removed as soon as possible to reduce their impact on Sunday 24th September.

Which roads will be closed?

All roads used as part of the route for Vélo Birmingham will be closed for the event. Vehicles will not be permitted to cross the route while the road closures are in place but local access will be maintained for as long as possible in advance of cyclists arriving in the area.

All road closure information, including timings, can be viewed here.

What are the timings of the road closures?

Full road closure information, including detailed timings, will be released in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you have any queries regarding the route and subsequent road closures please email

What are the impacts on local businesses and residents?

Unfortunately there will be some disruption caused by the road closures but, by planning ahead, affected residents and businesses can minimise the impact. While the roads are closed, residents will not be able to drive through barriers or road closures.

We have a team in place to help you navigate around the road closures. If you have any concerns please contact

Do all cars need to be removed from the route ahead of the event?

It is a requirement for the event route to be completely vehicle-free, therefore please note that parking may be suspended along the routes and on some adjacent roads. Check local signs closer to the event to see when the suspensions will apply.

If you do not have off-road parking it is suggested that you make alternative plans to park your vehicle in adjacent roads that are not affected by the events. Any cars parked on the routes after the parking restrictions have been implemented will be removed.

Advance notice will be given in the form of council approved signage. If you have special requirements, for example social care or community health needs, please email

Can I still walk around the area and cross over the routes on foot?

Yes, all pedestrian access is maintained. Local residents and spectators in the area are advised to take care when crossing the road and speak to a marshal for the nearest crossing point if they are concerned.

How will emergency services get to my property if needed?

We are working with the Police, Ambulance and Fire and Rescue services to ensure that they can access anywhere that is required around the route in case of an emergency. There will be contact through the event Control Room to allow access for emergency vehicles across the route, if required, during the event and ensure that the event does not delay any emergency response.

If you have any concerns please contact

Will public transport still be operating?

Some public transport will be affected / suspended due to the road closures.  We are working closely with bus services to ensure they can divert routes where possible but also give as much notice as possible to cancelled routes on this day.

I've got concerns. Who can I speak to?

We have a team in place to help you navigate around the road closures. If you have any concerns please contact