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Road Closures

Please be aware that the road closures could impact local travel arrangements on Sunday September 24.

Due to the scale and numbers participating in Vélo Birmingham, it will be necessary to implement road closures across the full route to facilitate the safe passage of the participants.

Below, you will find an overview of the full Vélo Birmingham route, including road closure timings. You can also view more detailed maps for specific sections of the route by clicking on the images below.

The route has been carefully considered and selected through a partnership of all local authorities, emergency services and transport operators to minimise the inconvenience of the necessary road closures. Emergency Services will be operating as usual and the public should use normal protocol in the case of an emergency.

A letter drop to all postcodes on the route will be conducted in early March, with a second due to go out several weeks prior to the event.  If you are already aware of anything that may be impacted by the planned road closures on September 24 such as formal events or carer responsibilities, please take a look at the information below and let us know as early as possible.

We will do all we can to provide you with more information on how you can best navigate your way around the road closures.  If you have any queries regarding the route and subsequent road closures please email

Road Closures Ovetview


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Section Three

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